On passwords, accounts and the public trust.

A public service announcement: When someone with a weak password allows their account to be cracked, it’s not only the account owner that is the victim (exposing their personal, banking, and other data about themselves), but also everyone they have in their address book or ever emailed. The criminals have now been given access to every contact with their real names and matching email addresses and sometimes physical addresses in their address book.  This allows for a much more refined and targeted attack on each and every contact, phishing, spam, identity theft, social, or otherwise.

Let us all take this fiduciary trust of our friends’ contact data seriously and secure it properly.  Here are some examples of what a good password looks like (can’t use them now of course).  “GePF,nVp6+xr1A2h” “l@P5e*BYjI!;cP|w” “cb*:rIhishekKF?K” “2?m&,rF47K`^%=Q2” So yes, you’ll need a program like KeePass to keep track of them, very easy and mobile versions too.  PM me if you want to know more.



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